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    Don’t forget.


  3. Several thousand manuscripts that are several centuries old are set to be digitized and made available over the Internet in the public domain, thanks to an initiative by the state government of Tamil Nadu in India.

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    Ever read the Emerald Tablet? lots of hidden knowledge pertaining to alchemy and transformation, it always gives me chills and leaves me vibrating from head to toe…

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    Light Printing

    We are exploring new modalities of creative photography through robotics and long-exposure photography. Using a robotic arm, a light source is carried through precise movements in front of a camera. Photographic compositions are recorded as images of volumetric light. Robotic light “painting” can also be inverted: the camera is moved via the arm to create an image “painted” with environmental light. Finally, adding real-time sensor input to the moving arm and programming it to explore the physical space around objects can reveal immaterial fields like radio waves, magnetic fields, and heat flows.

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    and this theory grows more in popularity every day still.

  7. The Kybalion of Hermes Trismegistus, [FULL Audiobook with Subtitles] (+ Emerald Tablets)

    The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy is a 1908 book claiming to be the essence of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth). 

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    Statue of Sekhmet  

    Temple of Mut, Luxor, Egypt  

    Unknown photographer

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    *looks at ancient art of Anubis*
    *gets really emotional*

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    Stringy fields may make the universe swell faster

    DARK energy, the mysterious force thought to be responsible for the fact the universe’s expansion is accelerating, might come from a series of exotic fields. This notion, which has its origins in string theory, could explain why it was only after galaxies formed that the rate of expansion began to increase.

    Dark energy could simply be a property of space-time, called the cosmological constant, which appears as a term added into the equations of general relativity. But, the trouble is that to make the equations balance, the constant should be 120 orders of magnitude larger than observations of the universe suggested it actually is.

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  11. Pyramid restoration restarts

    When Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Eldamaty announced the resumption of work at Djoser’s Step Pyramid in Saqqara this week, after some four years’ delay, the decision was generally applauded. But some archeologists are raising concerns about the company chosen to do the restoration.

    They accused the ministry of negligence in awarding the work to the Al-Shorbagi Company, which, they say, was responsible for the earlier collapse of a block of the 4,600-year-old Step Pyramid.

    Amir Gamal, representative of the Non-Stop Robberies pressure group, accused the company and the ministry of not following international restoration standards because they built a new wall around the pyramid. International rules prevent such new additions being made, he said.

    Gamal added that the company, hired in 2006, had not finished the work by 2008, as specified in the contract. “Meanwhile, the condition of the pyramid has been going from bad to worse,” he said.

    “The company does not specialise in restoration, and it has never carried out restoration work in Egypt,” Gamal said, adding that the Al-Shorbagy Company had previously only built cafeterias and other modern buildings at archaeological sites.

    Regretfully, the sands of time have taken their toll on the Step Pyramid. Most of the outer casing is gone, the core of the masonry has disappeared in some places, and deep cracks have spread over the walls and ceilings of the pyramid’s underground corridors, while several parts of the queen’s tunnels, found beneath the pyramid’s main shaft, have collapsed.
    For safety reasons, the pyramid is closed to visitors.

    Various projects were proposed to save the monument, but it was only in 2003 that the then Supreme Council of Antiquities gave the go-ahead for the restoration work. The aim today is for work at the site to be completed by 2015 and for the area to be developed for tourism.

  12. 9/6/14

    A major American foundation that anonymously purchased sacred objects during a fiercely contested auction in Paris last year has returned one of the pieces to Southeast Alaska Natives.

    The Annenberg Foundation is donating a Native panel to Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) that appears to be part of an old Tlingit bentwood box with a painted Chilkat design. Such a box would have held a clan’s sacred objects or possibly the paraphernalia of a shaman.

    The news that the piece was coming home stunned staff at SHI who were familiar with the controversial auction and tried to stop it, said SHI President Rosita Worl.

    “We couldn’t believe it. We were astonished when we heard the Annenberg Foundation purchased the panel to send it home. This has never happened before, and it is wonderful news,” said Worl, noting the panel was donated to SHI because clan affiliation could not be determined.

    The sale of Native American and Alaska Native sacred objects by the Marie-Francois Robert auction house last year caused an uproar among Native peoples who said the pieces had spiritual dimensions and belonged with the tribes. The sale included objects belonging to the Hopi and the San Carlos Apache tribes in addition to the Tlingit panel.

    SHI in December wrote letters to the U.S. Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs asking the department to intervene, and to the head of the auction house asking for a delay in the sale. Ultimately, the U.S. could not legally stop the sale, and the auction house went ahead with the event despite pleas from tribal groups. The Annenberg Foundation was aware of the controversy and secretly purchased the items at the auction with the intention of returning them to the tribes.

    Sacred objects or at.oow, such as the Tlingit panel, are owned by clans. However, the panel has not been conclusively linked to a specific clan, so SHI will care for the piece. The institute will reach out to Native people in the region to see if it can be tied to a certain clan. If an association can be made, it will be repatriated to the clan.

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  13. The Scientific Explanation Behind Underwater ‘Fairy Circles’

    For years, strange underwater circular formations in the Baltic Sea have mystified residents. Some have thought that they were bomb craters, or created by fairies or aliens. Turns out, none of the above explanations is correct. 

    "It has nothing to do with either bomb craters or landing marks for aliens," said biologists Marianne Holmer from University of Southern Denmark and Jens Borum from University of Copenhagen in a statement. “Nor with fairies, who in the old days got the blame for similar phenomena on land, thefairy rings in lawns being a well known example.”

    As can be seen in the photo, the circles are made up of a dark green, almost black color. These are rings of eelgrass, a flowering underwater plant. Normally these plants create meadows, but here off Denmark’s island of Møn, the ocean bottom is chalky, and mostly devoid of mud that the plants like. So they grow by sending shoots outward, and expand radially. These clumps of vegetation accumulate mud, which has high levels of sulfide, as described in a study published this month in the journal Marine Biology. Sulfide is toxic to eelgrass in certain concentrations, and eventually it builds up in the center of these circles, killing the older plants. The younger but well-established plants at the outer rim of the circles survive, however, leaving behind the rings you see in the photo.